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I believe that all of the physical objects in our lives have an energy, either positive or negative. Therefore, the energy of the objects in your surroundings affects how you feel and how you live your life.  As you release objects with negative energy, the energy in your space shifts and you are able to change your life.   Feng Shui experts believe that clutter causes energy to stagnate and may explain why many of you feel ‘stuck’.

Let’s take a look at the concept of Clutter + Stuck.  I have discovered through my clients, that even as we begin to shift around the ‘stuff’ in someone’s space, the energy begins to change.  It’s almost as if at first you stir things up and it feels worse instead of better. This certainly does manifest in a physical way because any space you are organizing gets messier before it gets organized

Depending on what type of ‘stuff’ you are beginning to let go of, this process can have many positive effects in your life.  For example, as you begin to let go of all those clothes, shoes, and purses, you begin to feel lighter. You may begin to think about what has happened in your life that caused you to buy so much?  You may come to understand that the ‘high’ you get from a new piece of clothing is very short lived, and all of that ‘stuff’ didn’t really fill the gap you have in your life.

Maybe you have started to let go of old photos – photos of family, friends, ex-spouses, old friends, and so on.  This one could be huge for some of you as you may feel that you are letting go of the people in the photos.  The criteria I usually share with my clients is, if it makes you happy, keep it, if it makes you feel sad or angry, or if it is connected to a past life that you are trying to let go of, it has to go.

Maybe piles of paper, newsletters and magazine tear outs are your nemesis?  Perhaps if you can start to shred and recycle those mounds of paper you will start to feel more in control.  As you start to get this part of your life in order, you will find that other parts of your life will start to come together as well.  This naturally happens because once the physical paper clutter is gone; the mental clutter goes with it. Those piles that acted as constant reminders of all the things you ‘should do’ or haven’t done are released along with the guilt.

As you start to feel lighter, free of your past, and more in control, I hope that you will feel a new sense of optimism. I have had clients start new careers, move to a new house, find new relationships, and so much more as a result of the energy shift that takes place in their life by letting go of all that ‘stuff’.

Decluttering is the key to positive change.  What can you let go of?


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