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Well, it’s been an interesting week.  Of course, I would have to plan a trip to St. John’s, Newfoundland during a hurricane, now wouldn’t I!

Monday late afternoon I get a call from one of the groups I’m doing a presentation for in St. John’s on Tuesday morning anxiously asking me if I’m on ‘the rock’ yet? “No”, I say, “I’m flying out late tonight”.  Now I’m nervous about Hurricane Igor who appears to be intending to follow closely behind me to St. John’s – oh goodie!

When I check in at the Halifax International Airport I inquire of the young lady at the Westjet counter if we are still safe to fly into St. John’s.  Well of course we are especially since the pilot and co-pilot are from St. John’s. Whew, I think to myself, we’re in good hands for sure.

Obviously since I’m posting on my blog today, you assume I’ve gone to St. John’s and returned in one piece and you would be correct.  It was very interesting to me when watching all the news reports and even thinking about the adjustments I had to make to my schedule during the trip, how much organizing is involved with a hurricane.  It’s really like a huge organizing project.

You have to plan ahead, leave room for worst case scenarios, adjust your plan during the event  itself, and then deal with the aftermath.   Just goes to show that the best laid plans (or perhaps in this case, not quite well thought out enough plans) sometimes go astray.

During the morning of the hurricane day everyone was acting in the typical way Newfoundlanders always do and assuring me that it was, “. . .  just a little wind and rain, dear, and we’re used to it.  No need to worry.  Let’s carry on as usual.”  However, by lunch time, as the storm hit central Newfoundland, a few people started to think that maybe they should leave the office and go home while they still could.

At lunch time I decided to call my late afternoon appointment, which would have required a drive for an hour along the south coast of Newfoundland, since everyone in St. John’s was telling me that it probably wasn’t a good idea to drive there on that particular day.  My contact outside the city was far more optimistic telling me it wasn’t that bad where he was and I should consider coming anyway.  Turns out, when we met the next day, he was a little off base!  Apparently his drive back home late the afternoon of Hurricane Igor was not fun – go figure.

All that to say, that I’ve never been quite so glad to return home after a road trip and even though Halifax has seen it’s share of hurricanes, there’s something about being home in familiar surroundings with your family that is comforting even when trees are falling on houses and the power is out for days!


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