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I’ve helped a number of my long-term clients move into their first homes, their dream homes, and their down-sized homes, some taking a number of months to get organized, some a matter of weeks.  Some of us move many times and some of us only a few, but the process is always full of anxiety. (more…)


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The more organized and prepared you were before your move, the better shape you’ll be in at this point.  If you followed the advice of my friends Karen Shinn and Gail Shields from their book GO! The Essential Guide to Organizing and Moving, you will begin by unpacking the boxes you marked “Last-packed, first-opened”.  These should contain all of the things you use every day and will normally consist of personal care items, essentials from your kitchen, and the basics for getting a good night’s rest.

Now is the time to incorporate the simplest of organizing strategies – a place for everything and everything in its place.  Before you begin to do the majority of the unpacking make sure that you have a plan and have designed a storage solution that allows you to put like-with-like. 

You don’t want to be wildly unpacking boxes and throwing things in the closest drawer or closet only to be unable to find anything and then to have to go back and reorganize everything again later.  Trust me, you’ll never find the time to go back and re-do it all and you’ll end up living in chaos.

Set aside the time to make a place for everything and get some help from a Professional Organizer if you need it.  Your goal is to do it once and do it right.  As you create your storage plan keep in mind that you want the things you use most often close to you and the things you use less often farther away.

With several of my clients who have moved into a new home, we used it as an opportunity to build well-designed closet systems, design and build custom storage cabinets, set up a custom designed home office and even begin with a whole new decorating style.

I encourage you to use your next move as an opportunity to change your life by releasing all your excess belongings – you never know, you might actually like it!

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