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Here I sit in my office rather late on Sunday evening after a full day of financial paperwork for my business and my husband’s.  Catch up as a result of all the time I have spent at various Conference sessions in the last week or so.

I attended the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) Conference in Montreal from November 5th to 7th and the Centre for Women in Business (CWB) Conference here in Halifax on November 12th.  I am definitely ‘all conferenced out’, but I have to say it was so worth it.

It’s my once a year chance to rejuvenate myself, learn from others, reconnect with organizing friends from across the country and establish stronger connections with women right here in my own backyard.  Several messages came across loud and clear, funnily enough, at both Conferences, go figure!

Use technology to your best advantage to make your business as efficient as possible but don’t get carried away with the latest online tool just because it’s new and looks cool. 

  • Doodle – for scheduling with multiple people and your assistant
  • Postling – to manage all your social media
  • ReQall –  for voice to text while you’re on the road
  • Dropbox – for online file syncing and sharing on multiple computers
  • Google’s PasswordSafe – for keeping your passwords

The second message that came through loud and clear is the need for business owners, especially us organizers, to relinquish control of our business by hiring some help, outsourcing or bringing in partners and associates who complement our own skills.  My first step will be to hire a part-time personal assistant early in 2011 and then to start thinking about another staff member to work with me on client projects.  It is simply not possible to build a profitable long-term business without getting some help, not matter how hard it will be!

The final message is around the profitability subject and that is to get your finances under total control.  Build a business and personal budget and stick to it, work with a banker who understands small business, get a good tax accountant and incorporate your business as soon as it makes financial sense (for me that was three years ago). 

Yup, you guessed it, my first step before anything else is to book an appointment with a lawyer and get moving on the incorporation!  Ugh, the thought of the work involved in transitioning makes me cringe but I must soldier on.  Wish me luck!


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OK, I admit it, I teach time management to my clients and I try to practice what I preach but this whole social media thing has got me stumped.

Experts tell us that if we own a business, we should be all over the social media sites such as Linked In, Twitter and Facebook.  So, I’m on those three, plus I have a YouTube channel. My problem is I can’t seem to keep on top of it all.  Just to be effective on just those three sites, I could spend every waking moment online posting tweets on Twitter, connecting on Linked In and hanging out on Facebook reading and responding to hundreds of wall posts every day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do love to hang out and ‘chat’ with people that’s for sure. But, call me old fashioned, there’s nothing like a face-to-face conversation over a cup of coffee, bite of lunch or glass of wine. 

So, I’ve started asking people how the heck I’m supposed to run a business and manage the expectations of all my followers, connections, friends and fans online.  However, there doesn’t seem to be any easy answer to my dilemma. The advice I’ve gotten from marketing experts is to pick one site and focus on that and do it well.  So, here goes.

I have to admit I do enjoy Linked In (JanetheOrganizer).  I find it easy to use, I like joining groups that interest me, I can ask people for help, and get involved in a conversation about business topics and, dare I say it, it’s not all limited to 140 characters!  I can post and watch mini Powerpoint presentations which is very cool.  Best of all, we’re all on there for the same unabashed purpose – to expand our network and do business with each other.  

Then there’s Facebook .  I have to admit I do love Facebook for personal use.  It’s fun to plan get togethers with the girls, post pictures of the events in our lives and catch up with long lost friends and co-workers.  But then everyone knows that anyone with any sense who owns a business has a Page on Facebook.  So, I have a Facebook page (JaneVeldhovenGetOrganized), of course.  However, by the time I finish hanging out with my friends the last thing I want to do is do business on there and I only have 35 people who ‘Like’ me anyway – geez, that stinks, no one likes me so why bother!

My YouTube channel (JanetheOrganizer) is useful because I can send clients or potential clients  there to watch my videos.  It’s pretty cool because they can check out my home office and see where I work, learn how to organize a closet or design a functional laundry room.  And, new clients can check me out to be sure I look trustworthy and knowledgeable before we meet.  Kinda neat.

And then there’s Twitter.  No offence to all of you Twitter lovers out there but I still don’t get it.  I’ve tried, and tried, and tried but after about 2 or 3 minutes I get fed up trying to keep on top of all the tweets that just keep flooding in.  Because I only get 140 characters, I can’t say anything much meaningful unless I go to another site, shorten what I’ve said and then post the link on Twitter – way too much effort for me, kids.  There, I’ve said it, I’m not a fan of Twitter.  However, for those who are I will see you on there once and a while (organizerjane). 

Whew, I’m exhausted just talking about it.  I’m trying to focus on one social media site and do it well like I’ve been told.  So, I’m good with Linked In but Facebook often sucks me in.  Oh crumb, and then there are the few times a month I go to YouTube and start watching music videos and episodes of old TV shows and I’m lost for hours.  Rats!

It appears that Social Media and effective time management are just a bad fit.

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